Serving Suggestions

For All Jams

  • Stir into plain yogurt.
  • Spread between layers of cake.
  • Swirl a few tablespoons into cheesecake before baking.
  • Stir a small amount into salad dressing where the salad will have fruit in it.
  • Use in thumbprint cookies.

For Pepper Jellies

  • Serve with cream cheese and crackers.
  • Spice up black bean soup or chili.
  • Add a tablespoon to stir fry just before serving.
  • Spread on a roast beef, chicken or turkey sandwich.
  • Include as a condiment in burritos.
  • Use anywhere you would use mustard or horseradish.

For Apricot Garlic Jam

  • Serve with cream cheese and crackers.
  • Excellent as a condiment with Ham, Pork or Chicken
  • Wrap in filo or puffed pastry with cream cheese and bake

For Apricot Habanero Jam

  • Serve with cream cheese and crackers.
  • See glaze recipe for chicken, salmon or pork.
  • Serve on ice cream, frozen yogurt, apple pie or cheesecake.
  • Use as a chutney with Indian food.
  • Wrap in filo pastry with cream cheese.
  • Thicken and use as filling in chocolate cake.

For Raspberry Habanero Jam

  • Bake en croute with brie and toasted chopped pecans.
  • Use as a glaze for roast pork.
  • Combine with 1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar, 1 tablespoon soy sauce and 1 teaspoon minced ginger, then heat and baste on chicken.
  • Use in thumbprint cookies.
  • Stir up a tastebud-popping margarita.
  • Mix into applesauce.